Find out your current circumstance by doing a multiple choice test.


Learn to distinguish what is good verses bad through stories and hear real life situations where people have had to chose between being Light-Godly or Dark-devilish.

Your life’s calling is not to be a low grade hustler.

Complete your own inventory of your current behaviours to see where you are emanating light or dark. If you crave a good natured life then it is time to walk away from darkness and move towards the light with every choice that you make. When people operate from light, a higher level of living is achieved. They are not consumed by worldly possession but rather generate happiness from good vibrations like love, generosity and peace.

Our spirits find a higher purpose to pursue. We stop surviving and start thriving.

Internal world within us is made up of physical body, habits and thinking processes, the spirit, our consciousness, intuition, morality and our higher self.

External world is the world outside of us, job, car, money, body shape and size.

Learn how to clean your inner world and your outer world will automatically get better. In this lesson we introduce you to meditation, silencing the mind, breathing, grounding yourself, and other aspects of how to improve your inner world. After just a short time visualisations turn into reality and abundance starts to show up. You are becoming a better version of yourself so automatically your external world improves too.

As the inner glows the outer grows.


This lesson includes:

  • Strategies for increasing self care and self worth which leads to true self love.
  • Processes for researching and designing the person you want to become
  • Create a clear picture and guidelines of who you are & what you do
  • Eradicating undisciplined behaviours so you become the good version of yourself

Self Love is taking the time to love and care for you. It is paramount to stop doing things that don’t make us proud of ourselves.

Self Design is not seeing your self as who you are right now. You can change. You are not your clothes. You are not your bank account. You are not your car. You are not even your body. You can alter EVERY SINGLE THING about you over time.

Self Discipline is knowing without a doubt who you are. Knowing exactly what you want out of life and fulfilling on that every moment. Have a clear picture of what you do and what you don’t do.


Escapism is a hard task to confront. A person tends to develop a psychological dependency on the activity such as alcohol or drugs, fantasy in books, video games, movies, day dreaming.

In this lesson we distinguish escapism behaviours, work out why reality is being avoided, what action plan to take to recreate a more liveable reality and how to reduce or eliminate the escapism habit.

Escapism are the actions people take to put themselves in a mental trance so they become engrossed in another world and don’t have to face their real reality around them. It is the addiction of any activity that engrosses a person so much they forget their normal day surroundings on a frequent basis.

If your life’s plan becomes important and fulfilling enough then this fact alone could put an end to alcoholism, drug use, obesity and a whole Dr’s surgery of ailments


Many situations provide grief an opportunity to consumes us. What ever the loss may be life whacks us all. This lesson includes a tool box of strategies to use in the event of a tragedy. Some points covered are: Confront it, grieve it, forgive it, remove revenge, let it go and then re invent life after the event.

Participate in an exercise that will have you recognise and put steps in place to remove dysfunctional traits. Remove unwanted behaviours learned from your environment, parents, carers and family. This will assist you in forgiving them and being able to move on with your life in peace.

It is paramount to learn to make peace with chaos because chaos happens frequently in life.


People will either build you up or pull you down. Discover the relationship balancing scale. Follow guide lines on how to invite and amicably delete people from your life. Associating with high profile people shifts our normal mindset. Complete the weekly challenge of calling a high profile person and have an interview with them. Chose 3 role models and research their most positive qualities. This will transport you to a new level.

Discover different aspects of personalities, work out who is best suited for a friend ship. Some people are destroyers not creators. Some people give and others take.


In all of us, gay, straight, bi-sexual, in everyone there is a feminine and a masculine side to us. The ying and the yang of masculinity and femininity. Have you ever noticed some men can be feminine and some woman can be masculine?

That is because we have both traits in us. Life events and circumstances have made us who we are. We learn when and where to be either masculine or feminine. Generally this happens unconscious. This lesson assists us to distinguish how we operate and through observation we get to reset the scale. Reset so we emanate with attractive charisma. Resetting our feminine and masculine charisma has a big impact on how we look, feel and perform.